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This card has everything on it for EIDE. Get Virtually Instant Access to Data on your EIDE drives with this popular caching controller. Hang 4 EIDE drives plus 2 IDE drives or 1 ATAPI CD-ROM or tape. High-speed I/O suite…the works. Put that perfectly good 30-pin SIMM memory to work for 0.1ms response time. Caches up to 16MB, 512K minimum.

- Delivers 0.1ms average access time and up to 20MB/sec data transfer rateВ 
- Supports ATAPI-ready IDE CD-ROM and tape backup devices (manufacturer's hardware device drivers required)В 
- On-board BIOS supports four high capacity drivesВ 
- Provides high speed I/O (16550 UART & EPP/ECP) and floppy controller including high-speed floppy tape supportВ 
- Supports 6 EIDE devices!В 

Производитель PROMISE
Страна Taiwan
Год выпуска 1993
Маркировка PROMISE DC4030VL
Используемые чипы PROMISE PDC20130A, SIEMENS SAB80286-16-N
On-board BIOS ROM yes
Интерфейс VL-Bus
Тип IDE Caching Controller