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Дата: 18 Июля 2017

Creative CT4520 Sound Blaster AWE64 Value


Sound Blaster AWE64 Value is a 16-bit ISA audio board. This Plug and Play card comes equiped with an EMU8000 AWE Synthesizer chip. It provides options to upgrade with a Creative Memory upgrade module.

- E-mu Systems EMU8000 wave-table synthesizer
- Digital effects engine for reverb, chorus, flange and delay
- 32-voice polyphony and multi-timbral capability
- 128 GM & GS compatible instruments and 10 drum kits
- 16 MIDI channels
- 1MB ROM of built in sound samples
- Creative 3D Stereo Enhancement Technology expands the spaciousness of sounds in a traditional 2 speaker system
- Hardware acceleration of DirectSound games and applications
- 512KB onboard RAM supports SoundFont banks and E-mu 3D Positional Audio
- Full Duplex support
- 8 and 16 bit mono and stereo recording and playback
- External connections: Line-IN, Mic-IN, Line-Out Speaker-Out Joystick/MIDI port
- Internal connections: Audio-In MPC2 (cdrom), PC Spearker-IN
- E-mu Positional Audio positions sound in a 360 degree 3D environment providing an immersive audio experience with supported applications

Производитель Creative
Страна Singapore
Год выпуска 1997
Маркировка CT4520 Sound Blaster AWE64
Разрядность 16 бит
Используемые чипы Creative CT8920-NBQ, Creative EMU8011-01 CT1972-NAS, Philips TDA1517P
MIDI синтез WaveTable CT8920 sample ROM 1Mb EMU8011-01 and 512KB onboard RAM , FM-sintez CT8920 (Creative CQM)
Частота дискретизации 44,1 кГц
Количество каналов 2
Интерфейс ISA-16Bit